12 Inch Leather Slapper with Holes
ST805 12 Inch Leather Slapper
Black and Blue Leather Fraternity Paddle


 Sold Out 
SP905 Leather Fraternity Paddle
Crimson Tied Steel Enforced Spanking Paddle
AE146 Crimson Tied Spanking Padd
Double Strap Leather Slapper
AD940 Double Strap Leather Slapp
Electric Paddle
MI215 Electric Paddle
Fetish Fantasty Shock Therapy Luv Paddle


 Sold Out 
AD306 Shock Therapy Luv Paddle
Fetish Fantasy Designer Paddle
AA343 Designer Paddle
Fur Lined Paddle


 Sold Out 
AB349 Fur Lined Paddle
Handle Me Silicone Hand Paddle
AD574 Silicone Hand Paddle
Hearts of Love Paddle
AC995 Hearts of Love Paddle
Leather Impressions 12" Slapper
ST875 Impressions 12" Slapper
Looped Leather Slapper


 Sold Out 
AD939 Looped Leather Slapper
Mr. S Paw Print Paddle
MSW004 Paw Print Paddle
Paddle Me Silicone Paddle
AD819 Paddle Me Silicone Paddle