Tenga Hole Warmer

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Pleasuring with TENGA has just gotten better. The Hole Warmer is a reusable and microwavable device which can be inserted into the TENGA Cups or Flip Hole before use. Conveniently heats itself up right out of the package and can warmed by a microwave up to 40 times. This unique tool will bring your personal TENGA Cup up to the warmth you desire so that your hands run wild.

Re-use Instructions:
  • Heat the product in a 500 watt microwave oven for twenty seconds 2 times.
  • Heat the product in a 600 watt microwave oven for ten seconds 3 times.
  • Boil the product in boiling water for 3-4 minutes.
Whichever methods you use, make sure you heat the Warmer until all the crystals have dissolved. Let the warmer cool down naturally on a flat surface and put it back inside the storage case for future use.
  • Model: HW002 Tenga Hole Warmer
  • Manufactured by: Tenga