Fetish Zone "Interchangeable Puppy Plug Tail" - SM (INSTOCK)


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After over a year of R&D, our innovative new line of puppy tails are finally ready to be unleashed! We wanted to go up and beyond the typical one piece tails on the market and offer pups and their trainers a tail system that they would never out grow. Our tails features an interchangeable system so you can easily select the plug and tail size that’s just right for you!
Each of our butt plugs and tails are painstakingly manufactured using a state of the art process utilizing Platinum silicone for a beautiful and durable finish. Each plug features our proprietary interlock system which firmly holds the tail in place once inserted into the bulb, which allows you to easily position the tail in an upward or downward position depending on your mood.

The smaller plug is designed for “newbie” pups who just want to explore puppy play for the first time without a huge plug and we suggest the use of our standard tail with this plug. For more experienced pups we offer a larger plug which can easily handle both of our standard and long tail length options.

No matter which plug or tail you choose, your tail will be wagging in no time! Get your wag on now and check out our new puppy tail video! You can also check out the latest review from Bondage Gear Review!

Plug Sizes:
  • Small: 3.75 Insertable, 1.5" Diameter.
  • Medium: 3.75 Insertable, 1.75" Diameter.
  • Large: 4.25" Insertable, 2.1" Diameter.
Tail Lengths:
  • Small: 13" Length.
  • Large: 17.25" Length.
Material: Platinum cured silicone.

Firmness: Medium.

Color: Black. Additional custom colors available upon request.

Use & Care Suggestions:
  • To connect the tail and bulb, firmly push the puppy tail end tab into the plugs interlock system. To make sure the tail is completely seated inside the plug, check that the plug base is completely covering the neck of the tail. This will assure a proper seal, which is needed to connect the two parts.
  • Apply a generous amount of water based lube to the plug before inserting. Once lubed, slowly slide the plug in, holding the plug at the base. The tongue of the plug should be in the down position. Never rush or force inserting the plug. If you feel any discomfort, stop and apply more lube and take time to relax your interior and exterior sphincter muscles. If discomfort persists, discontinue use. It is always best to start with a small plug and slowly work your way up to a large.
  • When handling, be careful not to nick the puppy tail or plug with your finger nails, as this can cause tears in the silicone over time. After use, wash the puppy tail and plug in warm soapy water. If needed, you can use a Q-tip to clean the interlock system. Let air dry and apply a small amount of corn starch powder to the toy if storing. We suggest using a condom over the plug to keep it clean and do not suggest sharing toys for obvious heath reasons. 
  • Model: FZ33104-RM Puppy Plug Tail
  • Manufactured by: Fetish Zone