Ass Locks


Anal Intruder Cock Ring with Penis Plug
AC554 Cock Ring with Penis Plug
Ball Plug with Cock Ring
AB450 Ball Plug with Cock Ring
Beacon 10X Silicone Vibrating Plug


 Sold Out 
AF137 Beacon Vibrating Plug
Cannonball Intruders Orb
VF805 Cannonball Intruders Orb
Chrome Cock Ring and XL Anal Intruder


 Sold Out 
AE367 Cock Ring w/XL Intruder
Cock Ring with Sliding Anal Plug
AC557 Cock Ring w/Sliding Plug
DuoSphere Anal Plug and Bondage Hook
AC682 DuoSphere Anal Plug
Explorer Silicone Cock Ring and Prostate Plug
AE389 Explorer Prostate Plug
Hot Rod Cock and Ass Silicone Plug


 Sold Out 
AB769 Hot Rod Silicone Plug
Imbed Silicone Anal Plug and Cock Ring
AE690 Imbed Silicone Anal Plug
Prostatic Play Voyager 2 Vibrating Cock Ring and Anal Plug


 Sold Out 
AE366 Voyager 2 Anal Plug
Rogue Erection Enhancer
AC591 Rogue Erection Enhancer
Silicone Triple Ring with Compact Anal Plug
AE320 Triple Ring Anal Plug
Sliding Anal Intruder and Urethral Insert
AE742 Sliding Anal Intruder
Stainless Steel Cock Ring and Anal Plug
AE737 Cock Ring and Anal Plug
The Manus Intruder
AA325 The Cock Lock Intruder
The Rippler Vibrating Silicone Anal Plug with Cock Ring


 Sold Out 
AE417 RipplerAnal Plug
The Tower Erection Enhancer
AC579 Tower Erection Enhancer
Vibrating Cock and Ass Hitch
AC550 Vibrating Cock Ass Hitch
Vibrating Rogue Erection Enhancer
AE701 Rogue Erection Enhance