Automatic Strokers


Beat It 8X Rotating and Rhythmic Masturbator

Sale: $74.43
Save: 15% off

AE750 Beat It Masturbator
Flicking Tongue Masturbator

Sale: $96.34
Save: 15% off

AF942 Tongue Masturbator
iGasm Spinning Stimulator for Him and Her

Sale: $91.80
Save: 15% off

AE904 iGasm Spinning Stimulator
Large Cylinder for Milker Deluxe Stroker

Sale: $43.02
Save: 15% off

AF501L LRG Cylinder for Milker
Lovense "Max" Bluetooth Male Masterbutor

Sale: $101.15
Save: 15% off

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HY333599 Max Masturbator
Master-Bot Super Powered Automatic Stroker

Sale: $46.65
Save: 15% off

AD805 Master-Bot Automatic Strok
Power Boss Auto Penis Pump with Ultra Powerful Suction

Sale: $53.18
Save: 15% off

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AE638 Power Boss Penis Pump
Small Cylinder for Milker Deluxe Stroker

Sale: $43.02
Save: 15% off

AF501S Small Cylinder for Milker
Spin Master 10X Rotating Masturbator

Sale: $72.89
Save: 15% off

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AE673 Spin Master Masturbator
Strobe Multi Function Rechargeable Stroker

Sale: $124.30
Save: 15% off

AE393 Strobe Multi Stroker
The Milker Automatic Deluxe Stroker Machine
AE371 Automatic Deluxe Stroker
The Super Milker Automatic Deluxe Stroker Machine

Sale: $589.90
Save: 15% off

AF596 Milker Auto Deluxe Stroker
Ultra Bator Thrusting and Swirling Automatic Stroker

Sale: $86.85
Save: 15% off

AE313 Ultra Bator Auto Stroker
Vibra Head Bionic Auto Stroker

Sale: $46.05
Save: 15% off

AD912 Vibra Head Bionic Stroker