Beginner Kits

Electrify It Kit
JM335 Electrify It Kit
Electrosex Essentials 3 Piece Kit for Him
AE360 Electrosex Essentials Kit
Estim Spanking Paddle with Powerbox Kit


 Sold Out 
AE339 Estim Spank Powerbox Kit
Jump Me Beginner ElectroSex Kit
AD750 Jump Me ElectroSex Kit
Mingle 4 Piece Electro Couples Kit
AD705 Mingle Electro Couples Kit
Om Dual Electric Pulse Massager
AD422 Om Dual Pulse Massager
Sonik Electro Stimulation Massage Therapy


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AC782 Sonik Electro Massager
Taser Tag Electro Play Cuffs
AD734 Taser Tag Electro Play Cuf
Vigor Corona Estim Urethral Insert with Powerbox
AE782 Urethral Insert w/Powerbox
Zenus Beginner Electrosex Kit
MI800-R Beginner Electrosex Kit
Zeus Electrosex Deluxe Digital Power Box
VF170 Zeus Electrosex Deluxe
Zeus Handheld 8 Mode Power Box with Black Pads
AC204 Zeus Handheld Power Box
Zeus Palm Powerbox
AC126 Zeus Palm Powerbox