Butt Plugs


10 Mode Ass Anchor Vibrating Anal Plug
AD774 10 Mode Ass Anchor Plug
10x Invader Silicone Remote Anal Vibe
AC547 Remote Anal Vibe
3 Piece Anal Play Kit
AE538 3 Piece Anal Play Kit
4X Oppressor Anal Plug
AC399 4X Oppressor Anal Plug
5 Piece Anal Trainer Set (Black)
AC947 5 Piece Anal Set (Black)
5 Piece Anal Trainer Set (Purple)
AC946 5 Piece Anal Set (Purple)
Alpha Advanced Silicone Anal Plug - Medium
AF733M Alpha Anal Plug - Medium
Alpha Advanced Silicone Anal Plug - Small
AF733S Alpha Anal Plug - Small
Amethyst Adventure 3 Piece Anal Toy Kit
AE541 3 Piece Anal Toy Kit
Ammo Anal Plug
AE731 Ammo Anal Plug
Ammo Shell Large Anal Dilator Plug
AD577 Ammo Shell Dilator Plug
Anal Destructor Plug
AC581 Anal Destructor Plug
Anchored Clear Anal Plug
AF201 Anchored Clear Anal Plug
Ankles to Anal Plug Locking Bondage Kit


AF890 Anal Plug Bondage Kit
Aria Vibrating Silicone Anal Plug
AD330 Aria Vibrating Anal Plug
Ass Anchor 3 Piece Kit
AF125 Ass Anchor 3 Piece Kit
Ass Anchor Flared Anal Plug
AD667 Ass Anchor Flared Plug
Ass Anchors 3 Piece Silicone Anal Anchor Set
AF313 Ass Anchors 3 Piece Set
Asvini Glass Penis Anal Plug
AD527 Glass Penis Anal Plug
Black Anal Plug
AD576 Black Anal Plug
Bubbles Bumpy Starter Anal Plug
AD921 Bubbles Anal Plug
Bullet Hole Beginner Butt Plug
AD477 Beginner Butt Plug
BumBum Silicone Buddy Anal Vibe
AC475 BumBum Anal Vibe
Chrome Hearts 3 Piece Anal Plugs with Gem Accents
AF430 Hearts w/Gems 3-Plug Set
Claw Expanding Anal Dilator
AE859 Claw Anal Dilator
Cock Control 10 Mode Remote Silicone Plug
AE229 Cock Control 10 Mode Plug
Colossus XXL Silicone Anal Suction Cup Plug
AD398 XXL Anal Suction Cup Plug
Daddy-O Silicone Anal Plug - Large
AF734L Daddy-O Anal Plug - LRG
Daddy-O Silicone Anal Plug - Medium
AF734M Daddy-O Anal Plug - MED
Daddy-O Silicone Anal Plug - Small
AF735S Daddy-O Anal Plug - SM
Dark Bloom Mini Claw Silicone Anal Plug
AF620 Dark Bloom Mini Claw Plug
Dark Nadir Anal Plug


 Sold Out 
AC561 Dark Nadir Anal Plug
Devata Anal Plug
RM385 Devata Anal Plug
Dosha 3 Piece Glass Anal Plug Kit
AE599 3 Piece Glass Plug Kit
Duplex Silicone Anal Plug Set
AF247 Silicone Anal Plug Set
Ease-In Anal Dilator Kit
KL710 Ease-In Anal Dilator Kit
Elevate Silicone Anal Trainer Set


 Sold Out 
AD898 Elevate Anal Trainer Set
Ember Weighted Tapered Anal Plug
AF101 Weighted Tapered Anal Plug
Fetish Zone "Bad Dog" Butt Plug Leash
FZ33104C Bad Dog Butt Plug Leash
Fill-er-Up Butt Plug Kit
AC597 Fill-er-Up Butt Plug Kit