Butt Plugs - Vibrating


10X P-Bomb Silicone Cock & Ball Ring with Vibrating Anal Plug


 Sold Out 
AG561 10X P-Bomb Anal Plug
10X Sliding Ring Silicone Missile Plug with Remote
AH163 Sliding Ring Missile Plug
25X Vibrating Silicone Butt Plug with Remote Control


 Sold Out 
AG899 25X Vibrating Butt Plug
28X Laser Heart Silicone Anal Plug with Remote
AG804 28X Laser Heart Anal Plug
28X Silicone Vibrating Rose Anal Plug with Remote
AG988 Vibrating Rose Anal Plug
28X Vibrating Silicone Red Heart Anal Plug - Small
AG966SM Vibrating Heat Anal Plug
7X Slim Ribbed Thumping Silicone Anal Plug
AG381 Slim Ribbed Thumping Plug
7X Slim Thumping Silicone Anal Plug
AG380 Slim Thumping Anal Plug
7X Vibrating Hollow Silicone Anal Plug
AG675 Vibrating Hollow Anal Plug
Bumpy Vibrating Anal Plug
AG296 Bumpy Vibrating Anal Plug
Gyro-M 10X Curved Rimming Plug with Remote Control
AG278 Gyro-M Curved Rimming Plug
Interchangeable Silicone Anal Plug
AG837 Interchangeable Anal Plug
Kinetic Thumping 7X Large Anal Plug
AF913 Kinetic 7X Large Plug
Kinetic Thumping 7X Medium Anal Plug
AF912 Kinetic 7X Medium Plug
Kinetic Thumping 7X Swirled Anal Plug
AG290 Kinetic 7X Swirled Plug
Lovense "Hush" Bluetooth Butt Plug


 Sold Out 
HY810686 Hush Butt Plug
Mini Butt Plug Vibe
RM391 Mini Butt Plug Vibe
Paragon Gem Accented Vibrating Anal Plug
AD436 Paragon Gem Anal Plug
Pro-Bend Bendable Prostate Vibrator
AG252 Pro-Bend Prostate Vibrator
Remote Control 21X Vibrating Silicone Butt Plug
AG563 21X Vibrating Butt Plug
Ribbed Vibrating Butt Plug
AG295 Ribbed Vibrating Butt Plug
Rumbler Vibrating Silicone Butt Plug
CN-0132-03-20 Rumbler Butt Plug
Sliding Shaft Silicone Anal Vibrating Plug
AG698 Sliding Shaft Anal Plug
Slim R Smooth Rimming Plug With Remote Control
AF932 Slim R Smooth Rimming Plug
Smooth Vibrating Anal Plug
AG294 Smooth Vibrating Anal Plug