Butt Plugs - Vibrating


10 Mode Ass Anchor Vibrating Anal Plug
AD774 10 Mode Ass Anchor Plug
10 Mode Wireless Vibrating Silicone Anal Plug


 Sold Out 
AE126 Wireless Anal Plug
10x Invader Silicone Remote Anal Vibe
AC547 Remote Anal Vibe
Black Premium Leather Bondage Essentials Kit


AE299 Black Essentials Kit
Bumdrop Anal Vibe
AD224 Bumdrop Anal Vibe
Cock Control 10 Mode Remote Silicone Plug
AE229 Cock Control 10 Mode Plug
Jet Black Silicone 7 Mode Remote Anal Plug
AD844 7 Mode Remote Anal Plug
Kinetic Thumping 7X Large Anal Plug
AF913 Kinetic 7X Large Plug
Kinetic Thumping 7X Medium Anal Plug
AF912 Kinetic 7X Medium Plug
Kinetic Thumping 7X Missile Anal Plug
AG291 Kinetic 7X Missile Plug
Kinetic Thumping 7X Rippled Anal Plug
AG289 Kinetic 7X Rippled Plug
Kinetic Thumping 7X Swirled Anal Plug
AG290 Kinetic 7X Swirled Plug
Lovense "Hush" Bluetooth Butt Plug


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HY810686 Hush Butt Plug
Mini Butt Plug Vibe
RM391 Mini Butt Plug Vibe
Paragon Gem Accented Vibrating Anal Plug
AD436 Paragon Gem Anal Plug
Premium Leather Easy Access Thigh Harness With Wrist Cuffs


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AD744 Thigh Harness w/Wrist Cuff
Pro-Bend Bendable Prostate Vibrator
AG252 Pro-Bend Prostate Vibrator
Silicone Anal Plug with Remote Control
AF945 Remote Silicone Anal Plug
Silicone Vibrating Anal Plug With Remote Control


 Sold Out 
AF870 Vibrating Anal Plug
Slim R Smooth Rimming Plug With Remote Control
AF932 Slim R Smooth Rimming Plug
Three Bumps for Your Rump - Vibrating
AB467 Three Bumps for Your Rump
Tom of Finland Silicone Vibrating Anal Plug
TF1768 Large Vibrating Anal Plug
Tom of Finland XXL Silicone Anal Plug
TF1766 XXL Silicone Anal Plug
Trinity Silicone Vibrating Butt Plug
VF896 Silicone Vibrating Plug
Trinity Vibrating Ass Plug
AC111 Vibrating Ass Plug