Collar/Leash Combo


6 Piece Burgandy Bondage Set
AG883 Burgandy Bondage Set
6 Piece Velvet Bondage Set
AG882 Velvet Bondage Set
Bad Dog Leash and Spiked Collar Set


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AD646 Bad Dog Leash/Collar
Bad Puppy Leash and Collar Set
AD647 Bad Puppy Leash/Collar
Black and Gold Collar with Leash Kit
RA146 Collar with Leash
Collar with Nose Hook
KI125 Collar with Nose Hook
Coveted Collar and Clamp Union
SP525 Collar/Clamp Union
Crimson Tied Collar with Leash
AE144 Crimson Tied Collar Combo
Frisky Beginner Leash and Collar Set
AD354 Leash and Collar Set
Isabella Sinclaire 3 Ring Leather Collar with Leash
IS107 3 Ring Leather Color/Leash
Kinky Pride Rainbow Bondage Set
AG538 Pride Rainbow Bondage Set
Platinum Bound Chained Collar with Leash
AE491 Platinum Collar w/Leash
Strict Leather Collar to Wrist Restraints
AA602 Collar to Wrist Restraints