Bad Dog Leash and Spiked Collar Set
AD646 Bad Dog Leash/Collar
Bad Puppy Leash and Collar Set
AD647 Bad Puppy Leash/Collar
Fetter's 2" Locking Collar


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FESL001 2" Locking Collar
Jolt Electro Puppy Trainer Shock Collar
AE238 Puppy Shock Collar
Mr. S Puppy Collar


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MSSL265 Mr. S Puppy Collar
Strict Leather Standard Leather Lined Collar
SP518 Standard Leather Collar
Strict Leather Deluxe Leather Collar
SV520 Deluxe Leather Collar Blk
Strict Leather Premium Leather Locking Collar
SV525 Premium Leather Collar
Strict Leather Spiked Dog Collar
AA640 Spiked Dog Collar