Fetish Zone Sheath Adapter

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We have designed an extension adapter that fits our Cadejo in Large, Cerberus, Pegasus and Drakon sheaths and allows wearers under 6.1 inches in length to use their Fetish Zone toy during sex with their partner.

The 3.75 inch 100% medical grade platinum silicone insert fits perfectly inside all Fetish Zone toys and can be cut to any length for a custom fit. The insert features a concave end to allow for a comfortable fit against the glans and also has a hole in the center to allow for cumming through the tip.


Material: Medical grade silicone.

Fit Directions: Starting off by cutting the the non concave end in small increments and try it in the toy for comfort until you achieve the correct length. 

Pro Tip: You can use the adapter (two needed), to turn your Cadejo, Cerberus, Pegasus and Drakon sheaths into a dildo for self pleasuring yourself. 

Note: This adapter will not fit the Cadejo in X-Large.

  • Model: FZ33102 Sheath Adapter
  • Manufactured by: Fetish Zone