Intro to Impact 3 Piece Spanking Kit

UPC: AE709


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Play around with different types of spanking tools to find the perfect tool that works for you! This 3 piece variety kit gives you multiple options, perfect for the experimental or curious. The flogger gives you many small tails, to spread out the impact for a softer impact. The crop has a smaller tip, for a shark sting against the skin. The slapper has 3 layers of leather, for a sharp crack of sound with every swing. Each offers its own delicious kind of sensation, so you can explore and enjoy new horizons of pleasure.

  • Flogger: 20 inches in length, 1.15 inches in diameter.
  • Crop: 17.5 inches in length.
  • Slapper: 12.5 inches in total length and 2 inches wide.
Material: Leather, metal, plastic.

Color: Black.

Note: Kit includes flogger, crop, and slapper. 
  • Model: AE709 3 Piece Spanking Kit
  • Manufactured by: Strict Leather