Strict Leather Ring Gag

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The Strict Leather Ring Gag is a simple gag, consisting of a metal O-Ring, wrapped in thin leather, and a cinch strap which pulls the ring tightly into the mouth keeping it open. The straps can be adjusted to any tightness desired, and are secured by looping them through two D-rings. Offered in 4 sizes, yet we recommend the medium for most people. Measurements are inside diameter of gag.


        Inside Diameter: 1.25 inches.
        Outside Diameter: 1.75 inches.
Inside Diameter: 1.5 inches.
        Outside Diameter: 2 inches.
Inside Diameter: 1.75 inches.
        Outside Diameter: 2.25 inches.
    Extra Large: 
        Inside Diameter: 2 inches.
        Outside Diameter: 2.5 inches.

Material: Leather, Metal.

Color: Black.

  • Model: ST625 Ring Gag
  • Manufactured by: Strict Leather