Rubber Pony Hooves

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One of the most unique pony play items ever created, Rubber Pony Fist Hooves! Transform any boy or girl's hands into beautiful, rubber, pony hooves. The openings are snug for a secure fit, so you squeeze your fingers to get your hand in and then you can open it up inside the hoof. Some ponies walk on their knuckles, others with open hands.

The bottoms of these one-of-a-kind hooves are beautifully crafted, with accurate shaping of the hooves on top (in front and back), and horseshoe imprints on the bottom. The rubber is just right, being neither stiff nor flimsy. This is a great item for your stable.


  • Outer Hoof 3.75" wide x 4.5" long.
  • Interior Hoof: 3.5" wide x 4.25" long
  • Outer Hoof Circumference: 13.5"
  • Interior Hoof Circumference: 13.25"
  • Leg Height: 9.5"
Large: (Temporarily out of stock)
  • Outer Hoof: 4.75" wide x 5" long.
  • Interior Hoof: 4.33" wide x 4.75" long.
  • Outer Hoof Circumference: 16"
  • Interior Hoof Circumference: 15.75"
  • Overall Leg Height: 9.75"
  • Model: FL1550 Rubber Pony Hooves
  • Manufactured by: Fetisso Latex