5-Snap Rubber Cock Ring
[AA788-Rubber 5-Snap Cock Ring]


Average price, wider than listed (mine is about .53 inches) Still thinner than the (listed) widths of other snap type rings here. Feels fairly cheap, minor flaws with workmanship - it looks very homemade if that makes sense. Last two snaps on mine are slightly out of place, causing the material to bend slightly (but nothing major at all) when using. Slight tire rubber smell. In use however, I love the thing. You can snap as many or as few as you want, which makes quick release basically a built in feature. Comfortable while wearing, and you can play with extra tightness while finding the right fit (or just for fun!). Can even slip on while hard because of snaps.
Date Added: 07/30/2015 by Joh