Fetter's Padded Fist Mitts
[SL034 Padded Fist Mitts]


I absolutely LOVE these mitts!! These mitts are the first purchase I have ever made from Fetish Zone. My owners had me order some mitts for me to wear, and after lots of research, I settled on these. Sure there are less pricy mitts out there, but these really excel and I am glad I spent the extra money, it was well worth it. With the generous padding, and soft durable leather, they are very comfortable. I had no problem with wearing them for hours the very first time! The locking posts insure that I am unable to remove them on my own, and they are just the right size, a nice snug fit over my enclosed fists, insuring I cannot extend and use my fingers, not even accidentally. The quality is top notch, and I would have no problem whatsoever highly recommending these mitts to anyone! Thank you Fetish Zone! I will definitely be ordering from you again!
Date Added: 04/05/2011 by Jen