Fetish Zone "Cerberus" K9 Sheath
[FZ33101 Cerberus K9 Sheath]


Ok... so I got my Cerberus about an hour ago and have spend some time taking a close look and studying it. First off is the mailing... I ordered this thing Friday night, and got it on a Monday morning, so the shipping was extremely fast. Now the packaging... it came in a bag, with candy, and an introduction card the size of a business card. If you have a hard time reading small font it might be a little hard, but hey it was a pretty cool touch. It also came powdered in corn starch, to keep it fresh, and such. After I finished examining it I decided to try it on. The experience was... well I love it for sure! It was not as ribbed as I would have liked, but it was great none the less. It lacks some realistic detail, but you really can't expect any more for what it is. In my opinion for a wearable cock it looks great, and the way it forms to your cock shape is great! I feel kinda a little bad for my mate now because of how huge it is when I'm wearing it. I mean I'm not the biggest guy, but this thing can look scary... lol.
Date Added: 10/03/2011 by Mic