Fetish Zone "Cerberus" K9 Sheath
[FZ33101 Cerberus K9 Sheath]


I got the chance to experience Cerberus for the first time last night, and I can honestly say that it has a wonderful feel to it. The material has great stretch, a smooth texture inside and out, and nice detail at the pointed tip. I was slightly disheartened by the angular look of the knot before it was worn, but it rounded out quiet a bit once it was slipped over my loves member. My partner is well endowed by my standards so even though this sheath is snug the bit of extra girth and soft length at the tip was noticeable for me. He wasn't able to knot in me. I feel as if the bulge was too far down the shaft for me personally, but then again we weren't using much lubricant so that may have been a factor. We also had a loud suction noise that I am sure the other house mates could hear in the next room over, which I didn't mind, but more discrete users may take issue with. Over all I very much enjoyed this being used on me and look forward to the next time.

My partner tried it at first with a condom on but wasn't happy with the sensation, without a condom however he seemed to get along well enough. I believe that we both may have been able to climax with this product but without a condom we weren't going to try.
Date Added: 06/18/2013 by Dan