Orca XL Cock Enhancer Sheath
[AB640 Orca XL Cock Enhancer]


This dick is for the serious adventurer! Guys – you’re going to want to heat this baby up in some hot water and then stretch the ball ring out a bit to get it on – it will take some work (and lube!) the first time you use it so you may want to practice when you’re by yourself. After you get the knack of getting it on I would also recommend using a condom over it (for her comfort) as it requires LOTS of lube for insertion and it dries out quickly. This thing is a monster!! I cannot stress that enough. I was not at all impressed by it the first time my husband used it – it hurt like hell to be honest. But, with time and lots of coaxing/warm ups with another dildo of a rather large size it was tolerable, but still not the greatest. After we put a condom on it – it was fantastic. It allowed for easier penetration and he was able to get some serious thrusting without hurting me or stopping to re-lube. Now I still am sore the next day, but in a good way.
Date Added: 02/16/2012 by Rox