Fetish Zone "Sebastian" K9 Dildo
[FZ33105 Sebastian K9 Dildo]


Ordered this late On a Saturday. My ass was impailed on it by Monday evening. Impossibly fast service & shipping!!

Exactly as described. Soft & very comfortable. I'm used to toys with a 9-10" circumference, but not a "knot"... Very unique feeling!! My only wish is that the large was a little larger. I typically use latex toys, which are a little stiffer & pose a bit more challenge to get in (which I like). This is so soft that I get it in pretty easy; it is big enough to fill me up & stay in though! Perfect for someone who wants to try a 9" plus toy, but finds that much girth intimidating.

The large is a bit expensive, but I'd buy it again in a heartbeat! Hell, I might go knot myself again right after I send this review :-)
Date Added: 01/15/2014 by Sha