Fetish Zone "Sebastian" K9 Dildo
[FZ33105 Sebastian K9 Dildo]


The Sebastian dildo is the 1st animal toys that my wife and I have purchased. We purchased the large for my wife and she absolutely loves this thing! To see her eyes get really wide as she takes in a big gasp of air as the knot goes inside her is a real turn on for me! with the large size, it takes a bit of work and patience to get the knot inside her. I usually have to turn the knot vertically to work the knot into her and then slowly turn it horizontal once its comfortably inside her. But once it is in, look out!!! Our only complaint, is that we wish there was a bit more shaft length between the knot and the base for longer stroke, so that the knot goes in deeper and I can pull more of it out without risking pulling the knot out of her. This toy in the large size is ideal for any size queen like my wife is. Definitely worth the money!
Date Added: 12/24/2017 by Ter