Fetish Zone "Drakon" Dragon Sheath
[FZ33107 Drakon Dragon Sheath]


​The dragon in two words: Freaking Awesome! The new ball strap is stronger and more sturdy. Wearing it feels amazing, and those ridges... Mmmm.. I just wish I could take the knot ;3 All in all the new design is a huge upgrade, spoo comes out the top when you actually spoo, it's thicker, and it's such a great feeling to wear around in all it's pride and glory. My only suggestion would to add some additional ridges on the inside. Those of us still lucky enough to have a hood would appreciate the additional friction. This is a must have, especially if you enjoyed the original Cerberus or Pegasus sheaths. Money -well- spent. I really wish I could find someone daring enough to take the knot!
Date Added: 09/10/2013 by Nat