Fetish Zone "Pegasus V2" Equine Sheath
[FZ33106B Pegasus V2 Sheath]


One sexy sheath! Comfortable enough to wear it over night, if you somehow manage to get rid of the erection while wearing this, just one glance down at it and you're all pent up again ;) Anyway, the only cons I can think about is really the fact that for me, it's not the cheapest, considering the shipment cost me almost twice the amount of the item itself ($48.20 to Norway via USPS Priority Mail). Also, without a large amount of lube, it's really difficult to put on, so condoms which come lightly lubricated won't help enough sadly.

Using it as a dildo will give you and amazing feeling of having a horsecock ramming you ;) Personally, I had to use a lot of lube and it was a tad painful at first, but with something solid inside, like the sheath adapters, it'll go in just fine if you want it to with enough lube ;) Really wish the one with the ball sack were for sale at the time though... would probably be worth buying that one instead... http://www.fetishzone.net/store/all-fetishzone-toys-c-419/fe-
Date Added: 09/02/2015 by Sim