Fetish Zone "Cadejo" K9 Sheath
[FZ33114 Cadejo Sheath]


Exceptional product. It's so comfortable to wear, which means it can be worn for hours. There's no painful pinching feelings, like some products. Instead, it's a snug, comforting feeling of the sheath encasing your cock. Lube on the inside is a good idea, for both practical and pleasurable reasons. As a result, wanking provides a lot of nice sensations since it's kind of like wearing a fleshlight. The best part is the piss slit in the tip. You can easily piss with it on. Finally, I'd imagine very few people have tried what I regularly do. You can buy syringes from some sex shops that are filled with lube. They range in size, we use a large one. If you never heard of JLube or, even better KLube because it won't go sour like JLube, google your ass and buy some. It's a powder that you add to water and it makes the best lube I've ever used. Easy to make and you'll save a fortune on lube. We like using it in the bath and make the lube fresh with just hot enough not to burn water. Warm lube is brilliant. Anyway, we inject a few syringes of lube into the piss slit, effectively filling the sheath with lube. The best part is as you're wanking, little spurts of the lube shoot out from the tip. If you really fill it up, you'll be surprised at how long the shooting effect lasts. The thing I love the most about doing this is it's like a real dog dick that shoots spurt after spurt. Hope this suggestion helps enhance your experience and pleasure. woof bitches!
Date Added: 06/20/2016 by Pao