Fetish Zone "Cadejo" K9 Sheath
[FZ33114 Cadejo Sheath]


Exactly what I expected. I got it last night (much earlier than expected) and I've already used it 3 different ways.

As a stroker, this* feels* better than a Fleshlight. It feels more like beating off because you're still stoking a dick. It just happens to have a knot ;) The ball strap was MUCH more comfortable and enjoyable than I anticipated. I also really enjoyed the fact that I saw my cum gush out of the tip.

My partner (who I recently introduced to my fetish) then put it on as a sheath, and fucked me. Feeling him lean in close to my ear and ask if I wanted to try and take his knot was one of the hottest sexual experiences I've had. I will add that he's about 5 inches long and preferred to use it without the adapter. Using the adapter was kind of clumsy for both of us, and when he would try to pull out of me, the adapter would stay inside me. That being said, without the adapter it was hard for him to get the knot all the way in because of his length. Not gonna stop us from trying again! He's pretty insecure about the size of his dick, and I think he really liked the feeling of having a bigger dick... with which to fuck the hell out of me.

The third way to use this toy -as a dildo- was also a bit of fun. I tried using a vibrator which felt pretty awesome, and then got a bit creative. I filled the cum syringe (from a certain dragon-themed website) with a mixture of cum lube and water, and inserted the syringe all the way into the sheath, and I had an instant squirting k9 cock! The best part is that cleanup is very reasonable. Packaging was very discreet which is a plus considering that I will be ordering from FZ again!
Date Added: 04/16/2017 by Mic