Fetish Zone "Cadejo" K9 Sheath
[FZ33114 Cadejo Sheath]


I bought the Cadejo to complete my pet playout. After a long search on the internet I found it and was a bit sceptical in the beginning, because I had difficulties to imagine how it fits exactly.
But then I invested the money and was curious. After a longer journey (exactly I live in Europe) the package arrived. It was packed very discreetly, which I liked very much.

It was hygienic and tightly packed. Besides the obligatory sweets, it was accompanied by good instructions for use and care.

I had chosen the color blood red. It feels pretty solid, almost a little heavy. The surface is very smooth and very pleasant. Inside there is a grooved structure which is very stimulating. It is also quite odorless, which is not a matter of course.

I first tried it alone and was amazed at how heavy it was. I had to get rid of a condom at the beginning, because when I put it on, the foreskin is sometimes pulled back a bit despite the lubricant. It turns out large. So don't be too fine, maybe you should order an adapter as well. Fills up very well and you can definitely train your pelvic floor muscle :D During sex it was a very good feeling with my partner. With the "knot" you need preparation time and a little more lubricant, but then it goes very well.

Definitely worth the investment and I am curious how it feels in the future.
Date Added: 06/13/2020 by Chr