Fetish Zone "Knotted K9 Plug"
[FZ33117 Knotted K9 Plug]


First, the positives. The dark red color is awesome and it's well sculpted. The silicone is soft and supple. It fits nice and snug and it feels great for the wearer. However, this plug is quite large. Not only that, the whole thing is longer than I was expecting too. To put it in perspective, for Mr. Average Joe, only his head is going to be poking out at the end, so you'll look ridiculous in that adorable sort of way ;) If there were much smaller variants, I'd buy one up in a heartbeat, because I love the overall design. In conclusion, it's a very well made toy, but it's not for the feint of heart or small of anus.
Date Added: 01/05/2016 by Wil