Fetish Zone "Corazanna" Spanish Mare Masturbator
[FZ33118 Corzanna Spanish Mare]


This is an enjoyable toy, but you DEFINITELY have to be aware of its sizing. Corazanna first caught my attention due to its unusual length, which was appealing for me as a person who has sizing issues with regular toys. When it arrived it was certainly as long as advertised, but I did a double-take on the tiny entrance, which made it a messy, heavily-lubricated, lengthy struggle to fit inside. Though the additional length was excellent, it was EXTREMELY tight for me (though fortunately, despite the toy's weight, not painfully so) and several times during use I have found myself popping out.

Do NOT be fooled by the toy's length into thinking that it's designed for above-average-width penises. I'm honestly not certain of the target audience here: anyone long enough to need a toy 10" in length instead of the usual 7" is going to have a hard time fitting and staying inside. That said, it's extremely well-constructed — solid and made of excellent material — and I still reach for it on odd occasions when I want a tighter, more intense experience from my toys. I just wish that it was a better fit for the large-sized market it appears to be targeting, or that they offered multiple internal diameter options.
Date Added: 08/09/2018 by Bax