Fetish Zone "Corazanna" Spanish Mare Masturbator
[FZ33118 Corzanna Spanish Mare]


I discovered mare sex toys back in December 2016 when a friend told me about his and let me give her a 'ride'. Since then I've acquired several the most recent of which is Corazanna. I chose a black one since it contrasts white semen nicely. *smiles*

I was surprised by how small her entrance is compared to how she appeared in her pictures. In order to enter her one needs a very firm/hard erection especially if one is of above average girth. Once inside she's deliciously soft and yielding. She's hugs the penis nicely providing very enjoyable stimulation. Suction can be controlled by pushing deeply into her then squeezing down on the remainder of her cavity and placing a finger over her small exit hole. After a 'ride' it's best to wait until ones ejaculate has liquefied from its gelatinous state to make rinsing/washing her easier. The small air hole precludes being able to flush the cleaning solution/water through her making her more difficult to clean. She's a welcome addition to my toy collection.
Date Added: 04/18/2019 by Dar