Fetish Zone "Pegasus V2" Equine Sheath w/Ball Sack
[FZ33121 Pegasus V2 w/Ball Sack]


Super snug fitting sheath in a good way. I wish it was a bit thicker or larger overall. It is very form fitting and amazing to look at. Go minimal with lube on your balls as the sack may want to let your balls escape if to much lube is used... ha ha. My partner and I tried it out last night and the bed was left a drenched mess. If you are looking for a sheath to bring some of the exotic into the bedroom, this should be one on your list! (I grabbed a grade B and saw no noticeable issues with it, very impressed overall). Pegasus V2 for the win!
Date Added: 02/03/2020 by Jas