Fetish Zone "Ballistic Penetrator"
[FZ33133 Ballistic]


This is my favorite butt plug. No, really! I'm not just saying that! I purchased this with the intent to wear it long-term, and it works fantastically for this purpose! I got the Small (50cm) version in Medium firmness, and this seems to be just perfect. At nearly 2", this would very likely be a challenge for somebody who is new to anal play, so I would recommend something smaller for somebody just starting out.

The base shape holds it in place very well and is passably discreet. If I crouch down or bend over too far, it will likely create a tell-tale bulge in the seat of the pants, but otherwise is not detectable. Most plugs of this diameter have a base that is way too large to be discreet, or have a hard base that may make a sound when sitting on a hard surface, so +1 to FZ in that department!

The silicone in Medium firmness is just right for me and the narrow neck provides some nice "squish" or "give" when the sphincter tightens that feels quite nice. 5-star, would recommend!
Date Added: 02/27/2017 by Cor