Fetish Zone "Ballistic Penetrator"
[FZ33133 Ballistic]


Don't think there's anything I can say negative towards this plug. It's just amazing. I bought it to keep it in long-term after reading elsewhere on the internet that it is one of the best long-term wear plugs given the softer silicone material and the shape of the base.

The material is very similar to BadDragon toys which is a huge plus for me. I personally never liked the DocJohnson type materials because they are much harder and somewhat uncomfortable to 'wear' long-term due to their really hard/rigid material. Even the smaller ones. The material of this plug is fairly soft/mushy (it's silicone) even on the higher firmness levels which allows it to better form to the insides of your body. For me this makes the toy have a much more realistic feel which is an overall better feeling than a hard rigid toy. I went with the "Medium" firmness because I was getting a much bigger size (90mm). Normally I couldn't take a toy as big as the 90mm comfortably, but the material of this toy along with the Medium firmness has enough "mushy"ness to it to make it go in much easier and provide a VERY nice filling and stretching experience.

Using it:
As I mentioned before, I went with a medium firmness along with 90mm size. For me, 90mm is fairly big and normally hard to get in. With it being medium firmness the 'base' of the toy is very flimsy causing it to be impossible for me to 'get in' just by pushing it in with my hands or up against a wall. So, to get it in I have to sit on it in a chair and slowly work it in that way by wiggling on it. HOWEVER, I wouldn't consider this a negative for the toy. I well-knew that this was going to be the case with such a low firmness and such a big toy as I've experienced it with other silicone-type toys in the past. Getting such a large size and a soft'er' firmness was a decision I took intentionally. Generally with silicone toys, the larger you go - the more firm you want it so it isn't too floppy. Especially if you are using it to 'stretch' unless you just plan sitting on it like I do.

Overall Experience:
The pleasure of having such a massive plug being inside and its soft material not forcing anything is so far one of the best experiences I've had with any toy. Especially any butt-plug type toy. All other butt-plugs I've tried are just hard materials which makes them very uncomfortable to use or wear, but this plug is different. As of now it is my go-to toy as nothing else really can beat it.
Date Added: 04/04/2018 by Ech