Fetish Zone "Harem Hyena" by Rukis
[FZ33137 Harem Hyena by Rukis]


Bought the "XL". Folks... don't let your eyeballs write checks that your lower orifices can't honor! The box that I received gave NO indication of the magnificence of the toy inside. Once I revealed it... my ass promised to divorce my body, should I EVER try to use such a device! Ah, well... it WILL make for a wonderful conversation-starter, sitting tall and proud, on a shelf in my home! (does wonders to thwart those annoying weekend door-to-door preachers!:-) P.S. I WILL be re-ordering this magnificent toy in "Large"... yes, my eyes still demand satisfaction!... my poor tush?... well ;)
Date Added: 11/15/2019 by Ste