Fetish Zone "Kadahr" Squirting Inflatable K9 Dildo
[FZ33140 Squirting Inflatable K9]


Vaginal user, here. I bought a size small. I gave this product five stars because it's one of a kind. I was just looking for any inflatable dildo when this showed up in my search results, and I was intrigued. The feeling of the knot expanding makes the dildo feel alive and about ready to blow a load in you. If you tug on it, you'll find that you can't pull away! Not without releasing the air valve, anyway, which deflates the knot in one quick breath. It is exciting to feel increasingly trapped as the knot gets bigger and bigger.

This dildo is good for more than one fetish. If you are into BDSM, it would probably feel exciting to be tied up and "punished" with this or to do the punishing. The instructions that come with the set tell you not to keep inflating the knot if it hurts, but I'll be honest -- I enjoyed it hurting just a little.

I really love how, because the dildo stays firmly in you when it's knotted, you can keep inflating it or make it squirt without touching it. And as for the squirting function, it doubles as a convenient way to lube up before you play.

As for using this as a regular dildo by thrusting it in and out, the uninflated knot hurts in a way I don't like if I pull it all the way out and push it back in. I don't recommend this as a regular dildo with added perks. It's specifically good for relevant fetishes.

Last but not least, the silicone is the soft and squishy kind. It feels nice to squeeze. I also like the spunk lube, although it seems like it should be saved for when you actually want to see cum. If you just want to feel like you've been filled with it, it's probably better to save money by using cheap liquid lube.
Date Added: 03/19/2019 by Col