Fetish Zone "Aethon" Horse Dildo
[FZ33142 Aethon Horse Dildo]


Being a beginner, I ordered the small, and it took three weeks to manufacture and ship to the UK. Worrying about whether I could accommodate the small, I sent an email a few days later asking if I could change it to an extra small, just in case, and this was actioned within a few hours.

Although the firmness is described as medium, I found it soft, and initially difficult to insert as a result, but after a few tries it went in successfully. The flared head and median ring provide (as others have said) a most satisfying feeling, and the sensation is far better than a human version! The softness, and the ball base is very comfortable, so much so that I'm writing this sitting in my armchair with "Aethon" fully inside me. When standing up the flared head prevents it from sliding out.

I imagine that I could manage the small quite easily, and maybe even the medium, so have gone to the website to place another order, only to find all sizes are temporarily sold out. I've no hesitation in recommending this product: I doubt you'll be disappointed!
Date Added: 09/29/2020 by Nic