Strict Leather Premium Fur Lined Locking Collar
[SV503 Fur Lined Locking Collar]


Collar came when I asked for it come.

Anyways, Right out of the box it looked and seemed amazing. After putting it on, I fell in love. At first, since it was new, it felt like it was choking me, but I finally got it used to it. It's bigger than you think, but way more comfortable than anything Collar Factory can make (collar prior to purchasing this one). The Fur lining on this collar is far superior to CF's. My CF Faux Fur got matted within a couple hours. This Fur is softer and feels better. I also love how the D-rings have to be moved manually so i can leave the ring to one side so the tag will show with the writing visible. The bulkiness of collar makes it so you won't forget you're wearing it, but it's comfortable enough that you won't mind wearing it.

So in short: This collar is amazing, feels great when wearing it, you won't forget you're wearing it, and I would highly recommend this collar.
Date Added: 09/14/2010 by Tys