Zeta Creations - Paws "Kangaroo"

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Now here’s a fellow that’ll definitely put a little ‘bounce’ in your step! He’s straight from the plains of Australia and he’s assured to show you a ‘gooday’. Introducing Zeta Paw's Kangaroo, he’s got more than a bounce in his step and  he’s willing to show you around his back yard. He definitely knows his way around and is assured to keep you in good hands and not let anyone get out of his sight and for good reason, as he’s certainly more than eager to show you his ‘down under’.

He’s cast in Zeta Paw's slick and slippery Silicone material, assuring that he’s not gonna ‘blunder’ any of your ‘buggery’. His smooth taper is assured to slip right in, letting anyone that’s fortunate enough to play with this bloke feel just why he’s known far and wide for those strong legs of his. Thrusting deep, he uses his hind legs as leverage to push the curved length inside, letting anyone know that he’s going for the hilt and he won’t stop till it’s all the way in there.

Zeta Paw's Kangaroo is assured to be a special treat for anyone willing to take his offer and he’s certainly not a disappointment. He’s ready to become your favorite Aussie treat and he has certainly got the bounce in his step to do it. His measurements are 0.25" across the tip, 1.50 mid shaft width, 2.0" base shaft width, 10" total length, 7.75" usable length.

  • Total length: 10" (25.4 cm)
  • Usable length: 7.75" (17.78 cm)
  • Head width: 0.25" (0.63 cm)
  • Shaft length: 7.75" (17.78 cm)
  • Shaft width: 1.5"(3.81 cm)
  • Width near base: 2" (5.08cm)

Color: Natural.

Firmness: Medium.

Material: Silicone.

Suction Cup Base: Yes.

  • Model: ZC161651 Kangaroo
  • Manufactured by: Zeta Paws

Great depth and stretching. A little bit thick for me toward the base, but soft and flexible enough to be forgiving and versatile. Really hits the...