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Need someone you can truly trust to hold your chastity keys? Simply pick a suitable time period in which you would like to be kept locked up and check out. For only $20 we will email you a prepaid USPS Priority Mail shipping label for you to send your keys to us. Upon receipt, we will send you a photo of your keys and safely store them here at Fetish Zone. Once your predetermined release date is reached, we will send your keys back to you via USPS Priority Mail.

Please note that the date you choose is the date we will ship your keys back on. If this date falls on a weekend or holiday, we will ship your keys on the next closest day. This service is currently only available to customers within the USA.

Early Return Service: If for some reason you are unable to fulfill the full term that you selected, we can return your keys via FED-EX overnight for a $75.00 penalty fee. This service fee is a great way to deter regrets as you serve your full term. This fee will only be waived if you have received military deployment orders or medical reasons beyond your control.
  • Model: FZ33110 Chastity Key Service
  • Manufactured by: Fetish Zone