Blue Mid-Level Leather Collar
SP901 Blue Leather Collar
Crimson Tied Wrist and Ankle Bondage Kit
AE341 Crimson Wrist and Ankle
Fetter's 2" Locking Collar
FESL001 2" Locking Collar
Leather Choker with O-Ring
AA178 Leather Choker with O-Ring
Leather ID Collars
SP580 Leather ID Collars
Leather Rhinestone Collar - Amethyst
AD938AME Rhinestone Collar - Ame
Leather Rhinestone Collar - Diamond
AD938DIA Rhinestone Collar- Diam
Mr.S Puppy Collar
MSSL265 Mr.S Puppy Collar
Strict Leather Deluxe Locking Collar - Blue & Black


 Sold Out 
SL209 Deluxe Collar Blue/Blk
Strict Leather Standard Leather Lined Collar
SP518 Standard Leather Collar
Strict Leather Deluxe Leather Collar
SV520 Deluxe Leather Collar Blk
Strict Leather Deluxe Locking Collar - Pink & Black


 Sold Out 
SL215 Deluxe Collar Pink/Blk
Strict Leather Luxury Burgundy Locking Collar
AE798C Burgundy Locking Collar
Strict Leather Luxury Locking Collar
AE797C Luxury Locking Collar
Strict Leather Premium Leather Locking Collar
SV525 Premium Leather Collar
Strict Leather Spiked Dog Collar
AA640 Spiked Dog Collar
Studded Leather Slut Collar
AC996 Studded Slut Collar