Fetter's 2" Locking Collar



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This is the finest collar Fetter's make in leather. It's 2.5 inches wide with a 'double' strap construction and is even lined in a soft garment leather for comfort next to the skin. It also has 4 welded "D" rings attached to all 4 sides and a locking post in back secures the buckle and strap when you want it locked on. it can be used without locking it by just using the 2 inch buckle.

This is a perfect collar for a bondage scene because of the width and the 4 attachment points. Most guys use a chain collar on their boys for everyday wear, this Bondage collar 'could' be used for that but generally would be used in some form of a scene.

Can be used around the neck of a hood that doesn't have its own collar attached. Standard collar size fits from a 14 inch to an 18 inch neck.

  • Model: FESL001 2" Locking Collar
  • Manufactured by: Fetter's