Chrome Slave Collar
AB812 Chrome Slave Collar
Chrome Slave Collar with Nipple Clamps


 Sold Out 
AC238 Slave Collar w/Clamps
Golden Metal Leash and Collar Set


 Sold Out 
AD253 Golden Metal Collar Set
Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Spiked Collar


 Sold Out 
AE461 Stainless Spike Collar
Lined Metal Band Sub-Collar
ST571 Metal Band Sub-Collar
Rolled Steel Collar with Ring
AC515 Rolled Steel Collar
Stainless Steel Gunmetal Collar with Lock
AF384 Steel Gunmetal Collar
Stainless Steel Slim Slave Collar


 Sold Out 
AE470 Stainless Slim Collar
Steel Slave Collar (Clearcoat)
RI400CLR Steel Slave Collar-CLR
Steel Slave Collar (Flat Black)
RI400BLK Steel Slave Collar-BLK