Isabella Sinclaire Slave Collar with Nipple Clamps

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A collar is a perfect reminder that someone is being owned for the moment. The added bonus of nipple clamps is a perfect reminder that their body is being owned also. -Mistress Isabella Sinclaire 

Lock down your slave and make them submit with this sleek, high-quality, chrome collar. An upgrade of the original chrome slave collar, this model features a set of clamps attached by matching chrome chains that let you apply exquisite pain to their pretty nipples and remind them of who is in control. The nipple clamps are fully adjustable via a screw mechanism so you can go from creating a subtle pressure all the way to making them beg! The included hex key locks this collar down tight so they will feel nothing but cool steel around their throat until you are finished having your way.

Measurements: Collar is 4.79 inches in internal diameter (15.07 inch circumference), Collar band is 0.85 inches wide and 0.26 inches thick, Nipple Clamp chains are 11 inches long. 

Material: Nickel-free chrome-plated steel. 

Color: Grey. 

Note: Includes hex key to lock and unlock collar. 

  • Model: IS115 Nipple Clamp Slave Collar
  • Manufactured by: Isabella Sinclaire