12 Inch Leather Slapper with Holes
ST805 12 Inch Leather Slapper
19 Inch Slapper Paddle


 Sold Out 
AG859 19 Inch Slapper Paddle
Crimson Tied Steel Enforced Spanking Paddle
AE146 Crimson Tied Spanking Padd
Deluxe Rounded Paddle with Holes
AF144 Deluxe Rounded Paddle
Fetish Fantasy Designer Paddle
AA343 Designer Paddle
Imprint Spanking Paddle (Assorted)
AE585 Imprint Spanking Paddle
Looped Leather Slapper
AD939 Looped Leather Slapper
Masters Wooden Paddle
AG692 Masters Wooden Paddle
Paddle Me Silicone Paddle
AD819 Paddle Me Silicone Paddle
Paddle Me Textured Silicone Paddle
AE521 Textured Silicone Paddle
Puppy Paw Leather Paddle
AG283 Puppy Paw Leather Paddle
Rounded Leather Paddle with Holes
ST870 Rounded Leather Paddle
SLUT Steel Enforced Spanking Paddle
AE201 SLUT Steel Enforced Paddle
Spiked Leather Fraternity Paddle
AD726 Spiked Fraternity Paddle
Strict Leather Black Leather Fraternity Paddle
ST865 Leather Fraternity Paddle
Strict Leather English Tawse
ST810 English Tawse
Strict Leather Padded Paddle
AF986 Leather Padded Paddle
Strict Leather Paddle With Slots
AF985 Leather Paddle With Slots
Strict Leather Studded Paddle
SP210 Studded Paddle
Studded Rubber Paddle
AC892 Studded Rubber Paddle
The Tenderizer Spiked Paddle Slapper
AE459 Tenderizer Paddle
Three Layer Slapper
AC893 Three Layer Slapper
trict Leather Round Leather and Fur Paddle
DU800 Round Leather/Fur Paddle
Wooden Paddle
AF936 Wooden Paddle
Wooden Slapper
AG540 Wooden Slapper