Pain Clamps


Nipple Spiral Extender and Barbel

Sale: $21.85
Save: 15% off

AC558 Nipple Spiral Extender
Spiked Chest Binder with Nipple Holes

Sale: $55.60
Save: 15% off

AC325 Spiked Chest Binder
Stainless Steel Nipple Vise

Sale: $15.57
Save: 15% off

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AC612 Stainless Nipple Vise
Studded Spiked Breast Binder with Nipple Holes

Sale: $53.55
Save: 15% off

AC324 Spiked Breast Binder
The Tower of Pain

Sale: $80.31
Save: 15% off

BC100 The Tower of Pain
Twin Screws Nipple Press

Sale: $12.28
Save: 15% off

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AC613 Twin Screws Nipple Press