Bushy Fox

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Red foxes have long been associated with cleverness and their ability to adapt to many different environments. Like his real life counterparts, Bushy the Red Fox plush is intelligent and highly resourceful too! Bushy’s design features an attractive russet colored coat made with the highest quality plush materials. His playful golden eyes shine brightly and his alert triangular ears are edged with airbrushed detailing. Graceful black legs, a delicate snout, and a soft fluffy tail tipped with white round out the lifelike appearance of this beautiful stuffed animal. Bushy the clever Red Fox plush would love to come live with you and make your home his habitat!

Dimensions: 9.5" x 8" x 4.5" (10" long  - 25 cm)

Care: Machine washable.

  • Model: DC1738 Bushy Fox
  • Manufactured by: Douglas Co.