10-Function Self-Pleasing P Vibe
AB610 Self-Pleasing Vibe
All Mighty Azure Vibe
AC233 Mighty Azure Vibe
Astral Large Bulb P Spot Anal Stimulator


 Sold Out 
AD476 Astral P Spot
Bad Boy Prostate Stimulator
AA359 Bad Boy Prostate
Blue Silicone Anal Dildo with Bullet Vibe


 Sold Out 
AD746 Anal Dildo
Chi Glass P-Spot Massager
AE386 Chi Glass P-Spot Massager
Cobra Silicone P-Spot Massager and Cock Ring
AE348 Cobra Silicone P-Spot Mass
Cobra Vibrating Silicone P-Spot Massager
AE155 Cobra P-Spot Massager
Dr. J Prostate Massager
AA502 Dr. J Prostate Massager
Epic Triple Stim Anal Plug and Cock Ring
AE971 Triple Stim Anal Plug
Ergo P-Spot Vibe
AD806 Ergo P-Spot Vibe
Essential P-Spot Vibe
AC972 Essential P-Spot Vibe
Flexible P-Spot Massager
AC439 P-Spot Massager
Gino P Spot Dildo


 Sold Out 
AC992 Gino P Spot Dildo
Iced Flex Silicone P-Spot Massager
AD897 Iced Flex P-Spot Massager
Jada Glass P-Spot Anal Plug


 Sold Out 
AD801 Jada Glass P-Spot Plug
Journey 7X Rechargeable Smooth Prostate Stimulator
AE964 Journey Prostate Stimulato
Naughty-Boy Anal Vibrator
AA316 Naughty-Boy
O-BOY 7 Speed Silicone Prostate Massager
AE771 O-BOY Prostate Massager
P-Rocker Prostate Massager


 Sold Out 
AC281 P-Rocker Massager
P-Swell 12x Inflatable Prostate Vibrator
AF681 Inflatable Prostate Vibe
Passage 7X Rechargeable Ergo Prostate Stimulator
AE963 Ergo Prostate Stimulator
Prostate Plug with Cock Ring and Vibe Kit


 Sold Out 
AD575 Prostate Plug Vibe Kit
Prostatic Explorer Anal Vibe


 Sold Out 
AC236 Prostatic Anal Vibe
Prostatic Play Enterprise Petite Prostate Stimulator


 Sold Out 
AE743 Petite Prostate Stimulator
Quest Ribbed Silicone Prostate Vibe
AE631 Ribbed Prostate Vibe
Realistic Vibrating P-Spot Massager
AC195 Vibrating P-Spot Massager
Rude-Boy Male Massager
RO100 Rude Male Massager
Savvy by Dr Yvonne Fulbright Embrace Vibrating Prostate Exercise


 Sold Out 
YF104 Vibrating Prostate Exercis
Savvy by Dr Yvonne Fulbright Splendid Vibrating P-Spot Massager


 Sold Out 
AD488 Splendid Vibrating P-Spot
Silicone P-Spot Anal Dildo with Optional Vibration


 Sold Out 
AD521 P-Spot Anal Dildo
Silicone P.E. Vibe Small


 Sold Out 
AA192 Silicone P.E. Vibe Small
Silicone Stud P-Spot Massager


 Sold Out 
AE154 Stud P-Spot Massager
Silicone Wavy Prostate Exerciser


 Sold Out 
AD481 Wavy Prostate Exerciser
Stainless Steel Lollipop
AC615 Stainless Steel Lollipop
Tom of Finland Silicone P-Spot Vibe


 Sold Out 
TF1767 Silicone P-Spot Vibe