Strokers - Automatic


10X Cyber Stroke Vibrating Masturbator
AH072 Cyber Stroke Masturbator
10X Turbo Silicone Penis Head Pleaser
AG666 Turbo Penis Head Pleaser
10X Vibrating & Squeezing Masturbator
CN-09-0946-00 10X Masturbator
19X Mini Handheld Milker
AH056 19X Mini Handheld Milker
Auto Milker 15X Sucking Masturbator
AG789 Auto Milker Masturbator
Auto Milker Extreme 16X Masturbator
AG943 Auto Milker Extreme
Auto Milker Intense 13X Sucking Masturbator
AG942 Auto Milker Masturbator
Flicking Tongue Masturbator
AF942 Tongue Masturbator
Flip Zero Electronic Vibrotation
AH269 Flip Zero Electronic
Jock 15X Sucking and Vibrating Masturbator
CN-09-0948-01 Jock Masturbator
Large Cylinder for Milker Deluxe Stroker
AF501L LRG Cylinder for Milker
Lovense "Max" Bluetooth Male Masterbutor


 Sold Out 
HY333599 Max Masturbator
Master-Bot Super Powered Automatic Stroker
AD805 Master-Bot Automatic Strok
Small Cylinder for Milker Deluxe Stroker
AF501S Small Cylinder for Milker
Strobe Multi Function Rechargeable Stroker
AE393 Strobe Multi Stroker
Sucking Penis Pump with Attachments
AH367 Sucking Penis Pump
The Milker Automatic Deluxe Stroker Machine
AE371 Automatic Deluxe Stroker
The Milker Max Thrusting and Vibrating Masturbator
AH312 The Milker Max Masturbator
The Milker Mega-Pod Sucking Masturbator
AH313 The Milker Mega-Pod
The Milker Slider 18X Stroking Masturbator
AH090 The Milker Masturbator
The Super Milker Automatic Deluxe Stroker Machine
AF596 Milker Auto Deluxe Stroker
Vibra Head Bionic Auto Stroker
AD912 Vibra Head Bionic Stroker