Bon4 Silicone Puppy Tail
JTE996 Bon4 Puppy Tail
Dog Tail Butt Plug
AD624 Dog Tail Butt Plug
Fetish Zone "Bad Dog" Butt Plug Leash
FZ33104C Bad Dog Butt Plug Leash
Fetish Zone "Interchangeable Puppy Plug Tail System"


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FZ33104 Puppy Plug Tail System
Mr. S Locking Puppy Tail Harness Adapter
MSD480 Locking Tail Adapter
Pedigree Puppy Play Tail Plug
AF138 Pedigree Puppy Tail Plug
Sono No 11 Clear 6 Inch Butt Plug with Tail
AE879 Sono No 11 Clear Butt Plug
Sono No 14 4 Inch Butt Plug With Tail
AE939 Sono No 14 Butt Plug Tail
Sono No 15 Black 6 Inch Butt Plug with Tail
AE880 Sono No 15 Butt Plug Tail
Sono No 8 4 Inch Butt Plug with Tail
AE945 Sono No 8 Butt Plug Tail
Spikes Puppy Plug

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AC211 Spikes Puppy Plug
Vibrating Dog Tail Butt Plug
AD709 Vibrating Dog Tail Plug
Woof XL Silicone Puppy Tail Butt Plug
AE998 Woof XL Puppy Tail Butt