13 Piece Rosebud Sounds Kit

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Increase your sexual pleasures with this rosebud sounds kit. This kit is comprised of 13 individual chrome plated steel sounds measuring 12 inches long and varying in size from 1mm to 13mm in diameter. These sounds are great for urethral play, which involves stimulating and stretching the urethra for maximum pleasure. 

The sounds have a bulbous head at the end of the shaft, therefore giving them the rosebud moniker. We recommend that you use sounds cautiously. It is very possible to damage the urethral area, especially if you also use them in the context of electro-stimulation. Make sure that you and/or your partner are experienced in the use of sounds before using them for urethral play. 

Measurements: 12 inches in length.

Material: Chrome plated steel. 

Color: Grey. 

  • Model: SC601 13 Piece Rosebud Sound Kit
  • Manufactured by: Kink Industries

Something here for everybody's size! The smallest looks like it should be used with a lot of extra caution though! Easy to clean, solid material, no...