10X Dual Duchess 2-in-1 Silicone Massage
AG262 10X Dual Duchess 2-in-1
10X Silicone Wand Massager - Magenta
CN-04-0751-50 10X Wand Massager
10X Silicone Wand Massager - Violet
CN-04-0752-40 10X Wand Massager
10X Ultra Powerful Silicone Mini Wand (Black)
AG786BK 10X Mini Wand - Blue
10X Ultra Powerful Silicone Mini Wand (Blue)
AG786BU 10X Mini Wand - Blue
10X Ultra Powerful Silicone Mini Wand (Pink)
AG786PK 10X Mini Wand - Pink
10X Ultra Powerful Silicone Mini Wand (Purple)
AG786PU 10X Mini Wand - Purple
18X Luxury Silicone Travel Wand
AG498 18X Luxury Travel Wand
50X Silicone Beaded Vibrator
CN04072650 50X Beaded Vibrator
50X Silicone G-spot Wand
CN04072450 50X G-spot Wand
72X Silicone Heating Wand Massager
AG916 72X Heating Wand Massager
Aura Wand 10 Function Travel Massager


 Sold Out 
AE184 Aura Wand Massager
Charmed Petite Massage Wand
AC913 Charmed Massage Wand
Deep Velvet 18x Silicone Massage Wand
AF106 18x Silicone Massage Wand
Divinity Power Wand
AD248 Divinity Power Wand
Forced Orgasm Wand Holder Belt
AF381 Orgasm Wand Holder Belt
Lumina Multi-Speed Wand Massager


 Sold Out 
AF116 Multi-Speed Wand Massager
Magic Wand Mini Massager
AG990 Magic Wand Mini Massager
Magic Wand Original
LE701 Magic Wand Original
Magic Wand Plus
AG499 Magic Wand Plus
Magic Wand Rechargeable Personal Massager
AE543 Magic Wand Rechargeable
Playful Pleasure Multi-Speed Vibrating Wand
AG659 Playful Pleasure Vibe
Purple Pleasure Wand Massager
AE783 Purple Wand Massager
Purple Pleasure Wand Massager


 Sold Out 
AF111 Pleasure Wand Massager
Rocket Mini Wand with 2 Attachments
CN0407385 Rocket Mini Wand
Scepter 50X Silicone Wand Massager
AG407 Scepter 50X Wand Massager
Shadow 8 Function Rechargeable Wand Massager
AD845 Shadow Rechargeable Massag
Spellbinder Flexi-Neck 10 Mode Wand Massager
AD541 SpellbinderWand Massager
Supercharged Thunderstick Power Wand
AD247 Thunderstick Power Wand
Thunderstick 2.0 Super Charged Power Wand
AF534 Thunderstick Power Wand
Ultra Thrusting and Vibrating Silicone Wand
AF472 Ultra Thrusting Wand
Wand Essentials 7-Speed Wand Massager
TV200 7 Speed Wand Massager
Wand Essentials 8 Speed Turbo Pearl Massager
AC394 8 Speed Pearl Massager
Wand Essentials Body Massager
AF983 Body Massager
Wand Essentials Multi Speed Body Massager
AC130 Multi Speed Body Massager
Wander Wand Multi-Speed Travel Size Wand
AG428 Wander Wand Travel Size